Floods or blizzards - oh, the choices.
Floods or blizzards – oh, the choices.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – News Coverage of the Mississippi/Ohio River Floods – January 26, 1937 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

As news reports come in of the impending blizzard sweeping into the Northeast later on today, I ran across this set of recordings covering another big weather story for this day. It was January 26, 1937 and the big story for that day were the floods in the Ohio Valley, the result of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers swelling their banks and cascading into towns, villages and cities. It reached as high as 78 feet above flood stage when it finally hit Cincinnati.

In what was considered the worst flood of the 20th century, the waters devastated much of the Mid-West with considerable loss of life and damage to farms and industry.

Not to pull a “so you think YOU’VE got it bad” type of scenario, here are reports just to let you know it could always be flood waters to go along with your freezing winds blowing.

Stay warm – think of Summer.

Here are those live reports direct from the scene of the Mississippi/Ohio River Floods for January 26, 1937.

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