Seems not everybody at home was interested in "doing their bit".
Seems not everybody at home was interested in “doing their bit”.


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News for this day, 71 years ago was about American attempts at brokering a deal between the Russians and the Poles. Seems now that the Germans had been safely eradicated from Polish territory, old sores were being opened with reference to Poland’s Russian neighbors and a dispute over borders was erupting. And America’s attempts at offering it’s “good offices” to restore diplomatic relations between Warsaw and Moscow were flatly rejected by the Russians. The reason was the Russians weren’t recognizing the Polish refugee government in London as being legitimate, so they were refusing negotiations until a legitimate Polish government was set up. The reason for all this had something to do with a German propaganda story being circulated that Russian soldiers had murdered some 10,000 Poles during a dispute in 1940. The exiled Polish government ran with the story, even though it was false, and Moscow broke relations with Poland as the result. Moscow said it had produced proof that it was a propaganda story and that the perpetrators of the incident were Germans and that papers recovered from the scene showed the incident took place in 1941, when Poland was under German occupation.

It was also reported today and Argentina officially broke relations with Germany and Japan, and cutting off the Axis‘ only listening post left on the Western Hemisphere. Argentina discovered the Axis had been using Argentina as home to a vast spy ring, which operated not only in Argentina but throughout South America. The network was responsible for considerable allied loss of life and shipping.

And the other big story for this day was about the epidemic of Black Market goods in American cities. Seems the Black Market was thriving just about everywhere, and an interview with Patricia Lockridge who wrote an article researched the current state of underground retail and found every major city was actively involved in Black Marketeering. She described a situation that existed literally everywhere in the U.S., with no respect to social or economic boundaries. And even though most Americans obeyed OPA Regulations, it was the nature of the black market activities which had most people in an uproar.

And that was just a sampling of news for this January 26th in 1944 as presented by Carey Longmire and the News.

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