Bob Dylan -  A laid-back broadcast on a snowy New York night.
Bob Dylan – A laid-back broadcast on a snowy New York night.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Bob Dylan – live on Skip Weshner’s Accent On Sound – Feb. 1963 – WNCN-FM

Something rare to start off our Emergency Fundraiser this Monday. An excerpt of a session Bob Dylan did for the weekly broadcast Skip Weshner’s Accent On Sound, live from One Sheridan Square in New York on February 1963.

Skip Weshner was one of that handful of radio personalities of the FM era who regularly featured a vast array of International and folk acts appearing around the New York area from the 1950s to the early 1960s. He was responsible for bringing live Folk music to the attention of a much wider audience, since Weshner’s broadcasts were syndicated to numerous FM stations around the country.

This 1963 broadcast features Dylan in a laid-back setting, performing three songs; Tomorrow Is A Long Time, Masters Of War and Bob Dylan’s Blues.

Die hard fans have no doubt heard this, along with much of his early performances. But I confess to be very fond of this early period of Bob Dylan. And for a snowy February night in Greenwich Village, this one was a ray of warmth.


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