The OJ Simpson Trial - Denise Brown on the witness stand.  Grim details and a howling Defense.
The OJ Simpson Trial – Denise Brown on the witness stand. Grim details and a howling Defense.

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A day of drama, this fourth day of February, 20 years ago.

A Trade War between the U.S. and China was brewing. With the U.S. taking the first step in slapping 100% tariffs on $1 Billion worth of Chinese imports, from bicycles to cell-phones. China, in retaliation was preparing to ban U.S. imports of cigarettes, alcohol, cosmetics and Music. China hinted at further retaliation in the form of banning U.S. Auto makers and companies hoping to set up factories and offices in China. All over the issue of copyright infringements on U.S. software, music and other intellectual property. Insiders felt that, with the Clinton administration relaxing its stance on the Human Rights issue, China was able to out-maneuver and take advantage of other issues. The war was heating up.

And on the drama front – the OJ Simpson Murder trial was underway, with Defense attorney’s crying foul over the testimony of Denise Brown, murder victim Nicole Brown-Simpson‘s sister. Denise Brown offered vivid description of the chaotic relationship between her sister and OJ Simpson, telling of instances where Nicole was tossed out of the house and numerous reports of physical abuse. Defense attorney’s complained it was an orchestrated ploy on the part of the Prosecution, because they knew the Jury would be let go for the weekend and Denise Brown’s vivid testimony was the last thing they’d hear before being excused. The Jury was scheduled to be back in the courtroom on Monday and Denise Brown’s testimony was slated to continue.

Weather was another point of drama, this February 4th – the East Coast was buried under snow while the West Coast was broiling under a heat wave. Typical February.

And Space Shuttle Discovery was busily performing a series of experiments in space. Among the many tasks the Discovery crew were performing, a taste test of how Coke and Diet Coke differ between earth and space. Oh?

Just a sampling of what went on, this high-pressure February 4th in 1995, as presented by the CBS World News Roundup.

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