It's our Fundraiser logo - it's now our state of mind.
It’s our Fundraiser logo – it’s now our state of mind.

As you all know by now, we’re in Emergency mode, trying to raise enough contributions to prevent a pending eviction and Past Daily passing into oblivion.

It’s the end of our first week – and we’ve gotten a LOT of incredible responses from you. Everyone who has pitched in so far has made a huge difference and will help in keeping us online and operating. But we haven’t heard from anyone in the last 24 hours – and that has us really worried.

We need all of your help – everybody who is reading this; I am appealing to you. If you care for history, enjoy the concerts, listen to the Pop Culture clips, study the movers-and-shakers – I am asking for your help. We are trouble – we are appealing to you to chip in whatever you can in order to keep us from disappearing. We’re not asking for a lot – whatever you can afford. Remember, it’s Tax Deductible, so you can write us off come tax time. But if you can’t afford it, and I know times are particularly rotten all over the world – if you can’t afford to chip in, please tell your friends – tell anybody you know who might be interested in helping keep Past Daily up and running and to help keep the archive (where all these clips come from) safe from the wrecking ball. Our first weekend of the Fundraiser and we’re a little under 10%. We have until the end of the month before we’re forced to leave, but don’t wait. If you’re on the fence about making a contribution, please do it now.

We’ll be here as long as you’re here – but we can’t be here unless you help. Please do what you can. Click on the link below and make your pledge today.

Over to you.

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