Teenage Fanclub - homage to the likes of Big Star.
Teenage Fanclub – homage to the likes of Big Star.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Teenage Fanclub – In Session for John Peel – Sept. 30, 1990 – BBC Radio 1

A sampling of early 90s tonight (and perhaps a week’s worth of 90’s) with Teenage Fanclub, a Scottish Alternative band who attributed a lot of their early sound to Stateside bands like Big Star. A harbinger of things to come for the 90s with traces of New-Psych floating around. Teenage Fanclub kept evolving over the years, and have on occasion been hard to pin down. But that’s okay and thats part of what makes them unique.

Tonight it’s an early session for John Peel – recorded on September 30, 1990, it catches the band at the time of their debut album A Catholic Education, which embraced their noisy/chaotic side. By the time they put the second album in the can, their style had changed, and they were on their way to getting a lot of attention on both sides of the Atlantic.

But here they are at the start – and even then, a band to watch in 1990.

Crank it up.

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