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John Lewis - A lot more than just a Jazz genius.
John Lewis – A lot more than just a Jazz genius.

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Two favorites given a contemporary look-over as part of the Jazz At Lincoln Center radio series from 2014. The Music of John Lewis and Gerry Mulligan as performed by the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.

Both artists have been pivotal figures in Jazz. John Lewis as founding member of the legendary Modern Jazz Quartet, as well as numerous solo excursions and countless collaborations with a who’s who of Jazz. In addition, Lewis was an astonishing composer whose work touched a wide range of genres from the concert hall to the soundstage.

Likewise, Gerry Mulligan was not only one of the most significant Baritone Sax players in Jazz, he was also one its most gifted arrangers. From his Big Band days with Claude Thornhill through to his work with Miles Davis and the introduction to the Cool School of Jazz, Mulligan has made an indelible impression on the Music world.

This weekend it’s a concert featuring music composed by both; alternating between John Lewis and Gerry Mulligan. A feast for those familiar with the work of these two giants, and a new world of discovery for those who are just getting around to hearing about these two now.

And this comes from a relatively recent concert, to let you know this music is far from dated, extremely relevant and completely timeless. The essentials for Good music, no matter what it is.

Crank it up and enjoy.

One of the most significant Baritone Sax Players of the 20th century.
One of the most significant Baritone Sax Players of the 20th century.

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