Pulp - spectacularly adept at "taking the piss".
Pulp – spectacularly adept at “taking the piss”.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Pulp – Live At Glastonbury 1995 – BBC 6 Music

No week of 90s music can ever be complete, or even get started, without a set by the beloved and highly influential band Pulp. Fronted by the theatrical and riveting Jarvis Cocker, Pulp managed to weave an intensive blend of insightful and razor-sharp lyrics with a tight ensemble to create one of the best bands of the early 90s Indie/Alternative genre.

It always bothered me that their overpowering and spot-on anthem Common People got something of a spoof by way of William Shatner a few years back. But Pop culture is what it is. So . . .

Nevertheless, Pulp had been around for a while, starting in 1978. They struggled through the 80s, but still kept at it. Finally, in 1993 when they signed with Island Records and released His n’ Hers in 1994 to great response and press. And exploded on the scene in 1995 with A Different Class. By then they had arrived and became a household name.

Although not achieving the huge level of success in the U.S. that they had back home in the UK, they still remain one of those pivotal bands among avid fans on both sides of the Atlantic. They called it quits in 2002, but got back together in 2011 and continue recording and touring.

Tonight it’s a concert from the 1995 Glastonbury Festival, and a particularly good one, since the band are premiering new songs which would make up much of A Different Class.

A memorable concert that demands being cranked up and absorbed – and a perfect start to the new week.

Do it – the neighbors won’t mind.

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