We’re in Week Number 2 of our Save Us From The Wrecking Ball Emergency Fundraiser. It’s been slow and the pledges haven’t been coming in at all since yesterday. We desperately need your support and we’ve gotten only 13% of our goal. Our vault space rent has been raised and we have to come up with enough money to keep us from getting evicted, which will be at the end of this (February) month. Frankly, it’s surprising because so many people visit this page each day you would think support for Past Daily would be no problem. But apparently it is. We’re in danger of losing the archive, and certainly this website if we can’t get enough support to keep us up and running. We’re not asking for a lot; just whatever you feel comfortable with in order to support something you believe in, something we love doing and are able to offer everyone.

I cannot thank enough those of you who have contributed so far – you are making a huge difference. Your support and encouragement has been an inspiration and a sign that perhaps we’re doing something right. And I am grateful and touched for your words and your deeds. It’s people like you who make all of this worthwhile; the 12-14 hours a day we spend putting up posts, digitizing and preserving material. I couldn’t do it without you.

It’s the rest of you who are on the fence, who like that all this history and all these unique recordings are free, that I am talking to. It takes hard work to get all this stuff presentable to you. Hours and sometimes days goes in to making everything sound the best it can. All the research and all the physical labor it takes to keep an archive running is something that doesn’t stop, and hasn’t stopped since we started Past Daily almost three years ago. But we do it because we love it and we feel a commitment to preserving and encouraging an interest in history on the part of everyone. And that’s why we’re asking – if you like what we do and like what we’re all about, can you help us out by chipping in a few bucks?

And even if you can’t afford it – and I know times are rotten at the moment; if you can’t swing a buck or two, you can still help out by telling your friends. Because the more people who know about us the better it is for everyone.

So please consider chipping whatever you can, in whatever amount you can, in order to keep Past Daily up and running and to keep our Archive safe and out of the path of destruction.

Click on the link below and join with the others who have made a difference. If each of you pledge just a little bit, we can make it. And I know we will.

Till next time . . . .

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