Update 4 – The Past Daily Emergency Fundraiser: Sweating It Out

Hoping for cooler heads to prevail.
Hoping for cooler heads to prevail.

Update Number 4 – Week Number 2. After an unexpected meltdown came an equally unexpected flurry of contributions yesterday, putting us up to 22% of our goal as of February 10th. With only 22 days left, it’s making for some sleepless nights and nail-biting days. Much of this is making me question how much interest there really is in a site like Past Daily. Does History and Culture really mean all that much to people? In a world of distractions and shiny objects it seems impossible to break through the noise and try to present something useful; something people can relate to and learn from. Maybe Past Daily is a Dinosaur, an extinct artifact of a past gone by, and there is no interest in points of view or history or accomplishments which have changed lives and destinies. The thing about Past Daily is; we choose to celebrate rather than trash. We choose to point out, rather than ridicule. We choose to show example rather than rant. But maybe we live in the terminal grip of cynicism and it has clouded our ability to see an alternative to things, prevented us from seeing possibilities.

As much as I am surprised and disappointed by those of you who have not contributed or even responded, I am overwhelmingly heartened and optimistic by those of you who have. Colleagues, friends and strangers – people who may or may not mix, coming together to support what we’re trying to do. I owe those people an enormous debt of gratitude, and it’s because of them that I continue plugging away at this Fundraiser.

Yes, it’s an emergency – yes, there are serious pending issues and consequences if we don’t meet our deadlines. If there weren’t, I wouldn’t be relentlessly hounding for your contributions and reminding you that disaster really is just around the corner for us.

And that’s why I continue to make these appeals, continue to ask for your help and continue to remind you that your Tax-Deductible Contribution will help pull us out of this mess and allow us to continue this mission to offer history, offer insights and offer points of view in order to provide a better understanding of what this insane world is all about.

As you know by now – the size of your contribution isn’t important; everything, no matter if it’s $5.00 or $500.00 is desperately needed and all helps in getting us out of this bind.

And so I am appealing to those of you who haven’t made your pledge, or are sitting on the fence about it; the time is now and the opportunity is rapidly disappearing to make a difference and to help us keep our Archive safe and Past Daily up and running.

If you can’t – absolutely can’t chip in the amount of a cup of coffee, then please tell your friends; let everyone you know who finds a site like Past Daily interesting and useful, to come by and see for themselves, to make us part of their daily routine and to bookmark us.

I am still optimistic we will meet this emergency successfully, but I can’t do it without your help. So please, click on the link below and make your tax-deductible contribution for whatever amount you feel comfortable with – it’s all we can ask.

Until next time . . .

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