World Party - the 90s also meant a nod to 70s and the singer-songwriter/serene soundscape.
World Party – the 90s also meant a nod here and there to the legacy of the 70s singer-songwriter/serene soundscape.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – World Party – Live at Brixton Academy – 1993 – BBC Radio 1

Continuing the 90s tonight with a concert by World Party, recorded at Brixton Academy in London in 1993.

Listening to World Party reminded me that the 90s were all over the map musically, but represented a sort of Anti-Techno phase of Popular Music.

Started as a solo effort by multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter Karl Wallinger after stint with The Waterboys in 1986, World Party eventually morphed into a band by 1991 and scored a number of modest hits in the process. Even though they were considered an Alternative band, there was something unmistakably West Coast, even bordering on Folky in some of the band’s material.

This concert, from 1993 finds the band at the height of their popularity with their 1993 release Bang! reaching Number 2 on the UK charts.

They rode the crest of that wave until 1997 when the band went on indefinite hiatus, resuming in 2006 after a serious health issue. The band has since appeared at SXSW and the Bonnaroo Festival. Their most recent appearance was in 2012.

But tonight it’s back to the 90s and 1993 at Brixton Academy.

Crank it up and get ready for tomorrow.

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