Bauhaus - Historic evidence points to them as the First Goth Band.
Bauhaus – Historic evidence points to them as the First Goth Band.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Bauhaus – In Session for John Peel – December 4, 1979 – BBC Radio 1

Bands starting something new tonight. Bauhaus have been referred to as the first Goth Band to grace the British music scene starting in 1978.

Together for a short period of time (1978-1983) before reuniting for a brief tour in 1998 and then resurfacing again from 2005-2008, Bauhaus were a very influential band during their stay together.

Tonight it’s one of their first sessions for John Peel, recorded on December 4, 1979 shortly after the release of their first single and a wave of positive reactions from the press and the audience. John Peel was a big supporter of the band early on, so their first appearance in Session was an added boost to a career with a promising future.

In case you missed them the first (or second, or third) time around, or have never heard them before, here’s a good place to start – almost at the beginnings of a band who received a lot of attention and a solid fan base in a relatively short time.


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