With visions of Indo-China dancing in their heads.
With visions of Indo-China dancing in their heads.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – News Of The World – February 24, 1941 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection.

This day in 1941 marked the 544th day since the conflict began. The U.S. was still not involved in the shooting side of things, but was aiding Britain in their fight against Germany.

On this day it was looking like Turkey would be joining the side of the Allies, as German advances in the Balkans were getting a little too close for comfort. Russia was taking a hands-off approach as German troops advanced in Bulgaria, while Turkey bolstered their commitment to Bulgaria. With the Nazi/Soviet Pact in place, it was wondered just how long it would last, since German and Russian troops were facing each other along their respective border frontiers. Some said weeks.

From Berlin came word that Adolf Hitler was expected to deliver an address later on that day. The occasion for the address was the anniversary of the founding of the National Socialist Party in 1920. February 24th having been the day the Party program was announced and the program to which Hitler has subscribed to ever since. The previous Sunday, the German press reported the introduction of new Japanese battleships which Tokyo said were superior to anything the United States had afloat. More signs the war was getting closer to the U.S. by the day.

Diplomatic circles in London denied a Japanese claim that Britain had turned down proposals regarding the Pacific and the Far East. neither Britain or Japan made any proposals and the conversations merely consisted of views. One of which being a thinly veiled threat (although not directly implied) that Britain would respond quickly if Japan decided to make overtures on The Dutch East Indies or French Indo-China.

And the subject of U.S. goods being sent to Russia being leaked to Germany was discussed on Capitol Hill, and in Parliament in London. With charges by the Dies Committee that American aid to Russia was being re-directed to Berlin were labeled as false by State Department Officials. This came hot on the heels of a claim the U.S. was holding off sending planes to Moscow until the details of Moscow’s “balanced Foreign Policy” was revealed. Truth of the matter was; no planes were slated to be sent to Russia became there were none to spare and that the Dies Committee was stirring the pot in an attempt to prove that Russia was an unofficial purchasing agent for Berlin.

And that’s how a lot of went, this February 24th, 1941 as reported by News Of The World from The NBC Red Network.

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