The first Primary win - but the 2% lead was worrisome.
The first Primary win – but the 2% lead was worrisome.

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February 26, 1980 – 35 years ago this day, Campaign ’80 was in full swing. And by the results, it was a first win for former California Governor Ronald Reagan with George Bush a very close second. Jimmy Carter won a solid lead over his nearest Democratic rival, Ted Kennedy – with 51%-37%. The Reagan victory was estimated as a 51%-49% win and it was close enough to cause the Reagan camp concern. Analysis concluded Bush did well based primarily on pressing-the-flesh, while Reagan did well strictly on TV and newspaper ads. The Reagan camp decided it was time to get out and press-the-flesh from here on out.

Meanwhile, the runners-up were busy spinning and giving bright-side assessments. John Anderson was still in the race, but got no delegates. Gerry Brown was doing a glass-is-half full assessment. And by the time all the smoke had cleared it was on to the next Primary.

Back at Capitol Hill – Senate and House conferees took action on the Oil industry Windfalls Profit Tax Bill. The measure would tax the oil industry $227 billion over the next decade. The money would go tax cuts, energy assistance to the poor and energy and transportation development. The bill was expected to easily pass the House and Senate and get a quick signature from President Carter.

And Nuclear Power Plants got back in the news this February 26th. A Nuclear Power Reactor in Tampa Florida shut down automatically when its instruments and control systems lost power. Some radioactive water was spilled inside the plant but assurances were given that no radioactive water leaked outside the plant.

And that’s a small slice of what went on this February 26th in 1980 as reported by CBS Radio News and Special Reports.

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