We're just not like everybody else.
We’re just not like everybody else.

5 Days left. We’re getting down to the wire and I really don’t know how this is going to turn out. All I know is, I need your support and, even though it’s the weekend, I’m still knee-deep, asking for your help to chip in with your tax-deductible pledge and contribution.

If you’ve spent any time visiting Past Daily you’ll know it’s not like every other site you’ve run across.

It’s different – and I try very hard to make it that way. I don’t post what’s Trending (unless it’s one of those all-too-frequent obits lately), don’t pay much attention to “10 Greatest” lists. Not interested in showing you something that, “I can’t believe what happened next”, and could care less what color the dress really is. That stuff goes under the heading of Distraction – Eye Candy – Click Bait.

I don’t do those – because Past Daily isn’t about that. Maybe that’s why we’re not one of those massively successful sites plastered with bizarre testimonials or outrageous come-ons. I believe you’re better than that. We all are. Whether we know it or not, we are part of a much more engaging and interesting life than mass media would lead  us to believe.

I know, because I look around – and for every insane event, every absurd proclamation, every horrific drama, there are people and places and situations which counter all that – that prove life isn’t really a glossy magazine and the world is small, but packed with millions of experiences and elations and real emotions. And it always has been.

And I want to get you curious about life and the world around you. Try to let you know there’s a lot more happening out there than the scripted exploits of a dysfunctional family or the marketing manipulations of manufactured Pop stars. There’s a LOT more going on – and you can only find out about it if you’re curious to know more than just the hours of a day.

I am one of those people who believe that knowledge is one of the most important and useful tools we can have during our stay on this planet. Knowing that situations have existed before make the prospects before you less terrifying and more understandable. Knowing that the world is overflowing with creative, brilliant people who make music and art and words – and always has, gives some indication, that no matter how far down the ladder of evolution we think we’ve been falling, things always work out. The human spirit is quite amazing, as the heart is a sturdy little muscle; sometimes it beats in spite of itself – it just can’t help it.

So all I am trying to do is point out the similarities of life in our world now to life in our world then. That, despite all the signs to the contrary, it continues and it works out – and it has worked out in ways we never could have imagined at the time. And it’s that way now and it will be that way in the future – and we can choose to become part of the solution or part of the problem (to use a well-worn, but timely phrase).

And I think what’s gotten you here – to visit Past Daily, is your desire to be part of the solution. Part of that desire to know how it all went down before so you can get an idea how it’s all going to go down now. Realize that life is often a scary proposition, but in the end it works out, if you let it.

That’s a bit much to expect from one website – and I don’t profess to have any answers – just lots of examples. I’m not here to help you make up your mind – I’m not here to influence you to feel or think one way or the other. I am here to present cases and let you decide – to supply you with facts and faces and events. So you can see and decide for yourself. And I’m afraid there hasn’t been very much of that for a while.

And that’s why I’m here and will continue to be here as long as you support having a place to come, to find out about things and hear the voices from the past from people who stood in uncertain times and shaped the future by their actions. How the world evolves, changes and continues on. Places changes, cars change, buildings change, clothes change – human nature; not so much.

So when I ask for your support – and I cannot tell you how grateful I am and what an emotional ride this has been these past 25 days of extreme ups and downs, sometimes within minutes of each other – I ask for your support to help me continue doing this thing, to encourage others to do likewise. I would love nothing better than to have a thousand or more sites just like mine popping up all over the Internet. I don’t to be the only one on the block – I don’t want to be terminally unique. But I also don’t want to go away because nobody is interested, because you forgot or were distracted by the box of life’s shiny objects.

I’m here because of a commitment – one that got started in 1963 and one that you can help me continue.

So I’m asking for your support, whatever you can chip in. As of today we’re almost 3/4 of our goal, with a little over $1,000 left to raise before we’re out of the woods – get the landlords off our backs and the padlocks off our doors. And 5 days to do it in. We can do it – I know we can, but we need everybody who is able to chip in and wants a Tax-deduction to click on the link below and make your pledge now before it’s too late. I’m not asking much, just the price of a cup of coffee or a movie ticket. But every little bit is a huge leap of progress in the bigger picture.

We just don’t have that much time.

Until next time . . .


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