Heading to the finish line - no matter what it takes.
Heading to the finish line – no matter what it takes.

It’s down to hours now. Only hours to go before I know if there is cause for panic or elation. Hours to go before the verdict is in. Yesterday we had another huge outpouring of last minute support – family and long-time friends chipping in and taking us to within 20% of our goal. At this point there is a lot of cause for optimism. Your support has been incredible and it gives me an overwhelming sense of gratitude and a feeling that all of this work; the daily posts, the research and the countless hours during the day devoted to the cause of history and culture isn’t for nothing after all.

You worry about that sometimes – you look at mainstream media and you wonder where did it all go wrong? What exit did we take that took us on a guided tour through Crazy Town? At what point did something stop being viral and become a social virus? Are we really as bad as studies indicate we are? Is the color of a dress really what it’s all come down to?

I honestly hope not. And there are times I can point and say no, it really-really-truly isn’t.

And the fact of the matter is – it’s always been that way to a certain degree. But with communication’s reach as vast and instant as it now is – it only seems like we’re fallen down the ladder of evolution and hit the primordial ooze again.

As I said before; every generation is convinced the generation following it has stumbled, fallen and can’t get up. And it’s been that way since people left the comfort and safety of caves and ventured out into the world. Even Plato and Socrates are rumored to have bemoaned the fact that the youth of Greece in the 3rd century were heading straight to hell.

So we’re not traveling in uncharted territory, for the most part. And it’s good to be reminded of that – otherwise, the prospects are depressing.

I’m one of those people who thinks that sweeping change in anything comes as the result of one person helping another, who in turn helps another, and in turn helps another. The sum total of all those one-on-ones. And that’s what I’ve been trying to do with Past Daily – doing what I can to remind you that things are happening that have happened before. And knowing that it has makes it possible to change the outcome. But how often are we barraged by present-day pundits and alarmists and fabricators whose only job is to distort and manipulate – whose only purpose is to make a loud enough noise and big enough distraction so you’ll forget what the issues are? Forget what the important parts are all about?

It’s hard – and there are times I think my message and my site are being drowned out by the noise of those who only want to distract and waste your time.

But to give in and say no and to quit would be no solution. And this Fundraiser has proven to me that there are a lot of you out there who feel the same way; who are still curious about life, still want to know about history and still want an alternative to mainstream culture.

And that’s why I’m here and why I believe it is so important to keep Past Daily going and to preserve the Archive no matter what. I am hoping that maybe there will be another last minute outpouring of support, these last few hours. And that, by midnight tonight (L.A. time – not noon as it originally was) I can say we’ve made it and you did it.

You ARE doing it. You ARE the reason I’m here, and your support and encouragement these last 4 weeks has been incredible. I am humbled beyond words at the amount of hope I’ve been given and my faith in humanity is more than restored.

So we’re hours away and still a ways to go – and so the pressure is on to get us past the last hurdle, the last barrier, the last doubt. I am convinced we can do it. And it doesn’t take much on your end – chipping in what you can afford and are comfortable with. I am not asking you to sacrifice or do anything unreasonable. The cost of a cup of coffee would work. And it’s also tax-deductible. A contribution, no matter how small, makes a huge difference.

Hopefully, tomorrow at this time I can give you the stats and results and post-mortem and let you know how it went and it will be good. No matter what – those of you who have contributed and pledged so far have made all the difference in the world – I could not have gotten this far without you. You are further evidence not all angels have wings.

Do what you can – give what you can – click on the link below and tell as many people as you can.

Until next time . . . .


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