It was close - but in the end, we made it.
It was close – but in the end, we made it.

The Fundraiser is over and it was a squeaker. As of midnight, the Indiegogo tally was $2,735.00. But Fractured Atlas, the site which acts as an umbrella for me and a lot of Non-Profit Foundations, showed additional contributions that weren’t figured into the Indiegogo tally.

In the end, we managed to raise a total of $4,352.96!

$350 over our goal. And that is WONDERFUL!

This would not have happened if it wasn’t for the amazing support of people like you – the ones who contributed and told your friends and kicked in some more, even after you contributed.

Not only does this fill me with hope and encouragement, it also makes abundantly clear that I’m doing something right.

My deepest and most sincere thanks go to all of you who supported me and continue to support Past Daily and the cause of History and keeping the curiosity going. You’re the ones who are making a difference in this life – and that’s why we can never give up.

I’ll be here as long as you are – and I will continue to post and research and make available all the recordings from the Archive every day – no matter what.

I owe you a debt of gratitude I only hope to pay forward.

My sincerest and heartfelt thanks to: Mig Schillace, Paul Diamond,Todd Everett, Ninon Aprea, Phil Savenick, Karen Langley, Paul Barnett, David Green, Jamie Lawson, Michael Gray, Jim Stephenson, Stormy Hunter, Chris Zurawsky, Jeff Mickey, Craig Swearingen, Robert Weiner, Jan Simmons, Gerald Beg, Chuck Fitzpatrick, Pat Dallas, Mike Zuk, Scott Huber, Nancy Kelly, Michael Harron, David Hacker,Troy Phipps, Michael DeLong, Mark Easter, Susan Boiko, Maria Rychlicki, Michael Simons, Fred Harris, Paul E. Boy, Jim Heddle, Jamie Gump, Valerie Kravette, Richard Snider, Kirk Henry, Todd Kosovich, Frank Nora, JWidner, Dave Stuckey, Russell Fry, John Daniel, Joel Yarber, Robert Tetrault, Curtis Steele, Gregory Griffin, JD Zack, Forrest Brakeman, Phyllis Skene-Stimac, Monroeadvertising, Daniel Spiers, Peter Rofè, John Whynot, Paul Williams, Anna Granfors, and all the people who requested to be anonymous.

You are the ones who made a difference and I couldn’t have done it without you!

The Fundraiser is over and life goes back to normal. Disaster averted, and the future to look forward to.


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7 thoughts on “Update 22 – Emergency Fundraiser – Postmortem

  1. i am so happy the crisis was averted. I truly enjoy the history posts. They enlighten my lunch hour every day.

  2. Gordon, I am delighted! Thanks for the thanks and keep up the good, and very important, work! Cheers!

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