Bill Bradley and supporters. Slugging away (photo: AP).
Bill Bradley and supporters on Super Tuesday. Slugging away (photo: AP).

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Hard to imagine it was only 15 years ago on this day, people were in a state of shock and dismay over the prospect of paying upwards of $2.00 a gallon for gas.

Warnings from the Department of Energy that gas prices during the coming Spring could surge as high as $1.80 a gallon for Regular in some places, and upwards to $2.00 a gallon in others. The reason was vague, but some pointed at an OPEC cutback in production. AAA pointed out the gas price increase wouldn’t curtail Summer driving as the economy was strong and consumer spending could handle it.

And the other big news for this day was Super Tuesday of 13 Primaries held all over the country – the 2000 election campaign was going full-throttle with a host of candidates all vying for opportunity to be Standard Bearer for their party’s Presidential candidate, come November.

Bill Bradley was considered a dark horse and Super Tuesday was considered Bradley’s last hurrah. Al Gore was considered the man to beat from the Democrats. John McCain was squabbling with George Bush for the Republicans and all would down to the vote count in 24 hours.

Classes resumed at Buell Elementary School in Mount Morris Township, Michigan, scene of the shooting death of 6 year old Kayla Rolland by a classmate the previous week. Police stood by and grief counsellors were present as the students rolled up for school.

And before the Amadou Diallo shooting in New York, there was the case of Abner Louima, the Haitian immigrant who was sodomized with a broomstick in a Police Station restroom. A court handed down verdicts on this day – officers Charles Schwarz and two other officers guilty of conspiracy to obstruct justice for falsely claiming that Schwarz was elsewhere during the attack.

And the French Ministry of Finance banned the words E-Mail and Startup from official usage, preferring instead to use Courrier Electronique and Jeune Pousse for the high-tech phrases.

And that’s a small fraction of what really went on, this March 6th in 2000 as presented by The CBS World News Roundup – Late Edition.

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