Continuing the music of Rodolphe Mathieu this week.
Continuing the music of Rodolphe Mathieu this week.

. . .or click on the link here for Audio Player – Rodolphe Mathieu – Quintet for Piano and Strings – CBC Transcription service 1954

Continuing this week with music of French-Canadian composer Rodolphe Mathieu (1890-1962). A few weeks ago I ran one of his piano pieces, Sonata Number 1 played by Guy Borassa from a CBC Radio session in 1954. This time it’s the Piano Quintet Number 1 with a noted ensemble of Canadian composer-musicians; Hyman Bress, first violin; Calvin Sirb, second violin; Otto Joachim, viola; Walter Joachim, cello; and Charles Reiner, Piano.

Another compelling and interesting work by a composer not all that familiar on this side of the border, but like so many others, needs a reassessment and light shed on some otherwise unnecessarily neglected and overlooked works.


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