Billy Joel - with a body of work that constitutes inclusion in just about any Great American Songbook.
Billy Joel – with a body of work that would constitute inclusion in just about any Great American Songbook.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio PlayerBilly Joel – in concert at Nassau Coliseum – December 11, 1977 – WLIR-FM

I will admit, Billy Joel is an artist I don’t believe I have ever run on any of my Music posts here at Past Daily.

No good reason at all. Although I try to focus on acts that haven’t achieved the universal exposure Billy Joel has, feeling he has probably been much better served by millions of other websites other than mine, it hasn’t occurred to me to run any of his concerts.

But I ran across this one the other day, and it got me realizing just how imbedded the music of Billy Joel has become in our musical psyche these past 40 years. His songs, and there are a ton of them, have been acknowledged classics and are worthy candidates in the Great American Song Book.

And with that much enduring talent and gift of iconic songwriting, why not be reminded of it from time to time?

So this two hour concert, recorded by WLIR-FM on December 11, 1977 gives a brilliant snapshot of a legendary artist during his halcyon days, early in his career and overflowing with an energy that leaves an indelible impression on the listener. Clearly, the audience is stoked and it is the warmest of receptions he receives and the sincerest pleas for encores when the concert comes to its reluctant end that makes clear Billy Joel has never been a one-hit wonder.

So even if this isn’t your cup of tea, give it a listen. Hearing an artist of this stature in a live concert setting is always illuminating and a different experience than hearing the same artist and song in the confines of a studio. I am one of those people who believes a great performance is had as the result of a two-way communication with an audience who are with you every step of the way. And that’s what makes these special and unique experiences. There is nothing like it.

So crank this one up and take a little time with some great songwriting and some extraordinary musicianship.

Good stuff – trust me.

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