Elvis Costello - 1977's new face of Punk.
Elvis Costello – 1977’s new face of Punk.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Elvis Costello and The Attractions – Live At Old Waldorf – Nov. 15, 1977 – KSAN-FM

Early Elvis Costello. First U.S. tour to coincide with the release of My Aim Is True and the tour that landed him on Saturday Night Live and the incident which banned him from the show until 1989. Nothing outrageous, other than stopping in the middle of one song and instead playing Radio-Radio, a song which NBC and SNL higher-ups told him not to play.

But this was back when the 1970s were loaded with outrage, and bands were busy annoying higher-ups. The Sex Pistols, known for their obscenity-laced tirade on a BBC show axed them from EMI – so it was only natural Elvis Costello, appreciating a mass-popularity from the release of his debut album, ratcheted it up a few notches and added controversy to the mix.

But this gig at Old Waldorf in San Francisco isn’t controversial by any means – it’s simply a great concert featuring one of the defining artists of the 70s, preserved for history.

Recorded for the venerable KSAN-FM in San Francisco, with a small chunk of tape missing just at the beginning of Watching The Detectives, a nonetheless memorable show we’re lucky to hear again.

Elvis Costello has gone through innumerable changes over the years – but this is where it all started. This is what got everybody excited and wanting to hear more. This is when Music got its much needed kick in the ass.

Play loud.

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