Dexy's Midnight Runners - An 80s ode to Blue-Eyed Soul of the Northern variety.
Dexy’s Midnight Runners – An 80s ode to Blue-Eyed Soul of the Northern variety.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Dexy’s Midnight Runners – live in Essen, Germany – April 17, 1983 – WDR

Dexy’s Midnight Runner’s are probably best known for their milestone 80s hit and landmark MTV video Come On Eileen. But that was the tip of the musical iceberg for this band. Guided by the captivating voice of Kevin Rowland, Dexy’s Midnight Runners were one of the really great New-Wave/Blue-Eyed Northern Soul/Celtic-influenced to come along in the 80’s to add an extra dimension to an already wildly diverse decade in music.

That they became (at least in the U.S.) known for that one hit really shortchanged listeners as to what a truly special band they were. With a unique blend of soul-based horns and Celtic fiddles, Dexy’s Midnight Runners were a wonderful band to catch live and enjoyed a high level of success throughout Europe before calling it a day in 1986.

The good news is Dexy’s reunited in 2003 (shortening the name to just Dexy’s), cut the size of the band down to 6 players and have been gigging around ever since. They were last seen doing a series of shows in 2013 and performing at the 2013 Parkpop and Melkweg Festivals in the Netherlands.

Tonight it’s a stroll back to the milestone days with a concert they did in Essen Germany on April 17th 1983.

If you missed them the first time around – you really need to sink your teeth into this one. If you remember them only for Come On Eileen, then you are in for something special.

In either case, crank this one up and get ready for the week.

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