Lithuania  wanted independence - Moscow, not so much.
Lithuania wanted independence – Moscow, not so much.

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News for this March 20th, 25 years ago was hopeful, cautious and optimistic.

Starting with news from Lebanon regarding the Western Hostage issue and a possible solution by way of a Senior Official close to Hezbollah, the pro-Iranian group. But, as Hussein Musawi added, the kidnappers would need something in return. The Iranian Parliament called for Iran to be separated from the issue of Western Hostages held in Lebanon, saying the fate of the hostages lay in the Lebanese people‘s hands. A spokesperson for Iran said it was possible the hostages would be released soon.

In Moscow, Soviet Premier Gorbachev issued a warning to Estonia not to get into Breakaway Mania, as Lithuania had been doing in recent months and were now deadlocked in negotiations. Gorbachev met with a Lithuanian delegation, warning them not to erect Customs Posts, issuing their own currency or taking over state-run factories. Protests continued and pressure mounted.

Meanwhile, China opened its annual session of The People’s Congress. Premier Li Peng declared China would never yield to attempts to undermine its Socialist system and Communist rule. So there.

And the trial of Judge Robert Aguilar ended with Not Guilty in one charge of obstructing Justice and the other counts deadlocked. Aguilar was charged with aiding in the defense of an old friend. The jury thought otherwise and Robert Aguilar said he was heading back to the bench – the government had different plans, seeking another trial.

An ACLU Attorney was charged with violating Guam‘s Abortion law by making a speech advising women to head to Hawaii if they were looking for an abortion. Guam’s anti-abortion stance was considered the most restrictive in any U.S. jurisdiction and made it a misdemeanor to even promote abortion. The case posed a dilemma for Guam’s prosecuting Attorney General, since she opposed the law, but had to uphold the law – and Guam’s Superior Court Judge Ramon Diaz said he couldn’t give the case a fair and impartial hearing.

And later on this week, it would mark the 1 year anniversary of the Exon-Valdez oil disaster in Alaska, while the trial of former Exon-Valdez skipper Joseph Hazlewood was heading to closing arguments and a verdict may coincide with that anniversary. If convicted, Hazlewood could serve 7 years in prison and pay over $60,000 in fines for criminal negligence. Defense attornies were hoping for acquittal.

And that’s how this day rolled, 25 years ago, as presented by The CBS World News Roundup – March 20, 1990.

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