Dr. Farid Zeineddine - The Cold War took on many different roles.
Dr. Farid Zeineddine – The Cold War took on many different roles.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Youth Wants To Know – Interview with Dr. Farid Zeineddine – Dec. 3, 1957 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

Further evidence that the Cold War took on many different forms, a crisis in the Middle had developed towards the end of 1957. Tensions between Syria and Turkey were bordering on War, with Turkey accusing Syria of becoming a Soviet Satellite. And Syria accusing Turkey of becoming a tool of the West.

Starting in August of 1957, tensions began when a shake up in the Syrian government prompted Turkish officials to conclude Syria had been the object of a coup from Moscow and that a number of important officials had been replaced by those with warm ties to Moscow.

The alleged actions caused distress among Syria’s neighbors, notably Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon. Turkey responded by massing troops along its border with Syria and tensions quickly escalated.

In what began as a showdown between Turkey and Syria developed into a showdown between Washington and Moscow, since the U.S. was on Turkey’s side and Syria was warming to Moscow, or at least it appeared that way.

And so, in typical fashion during the Cold War period, where any crisis could quickly spiral out of control into World War 3, much attention was brought to the crisis. Including this episode of the popular TV and Radio Program Youth Wants To Know.

This program features Syrian Ambassador to the U.N, Dr. Farid Zeineddine and a plethora of questions from high-school students.

Here is that broadcast, as it was first aired on December 3, 1957.

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