Sassy takes Berlin.

Sarah Vaughan – Live In Berlin – 1969 – Past Daily Downbeat

Sassy takes Berlin.
Sassy takes Berlin.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Sarah Vaughan and her Trio – Live In Berlin – November 9, 1969 – RBB Radio Berlin

One of my all-time favorites this weekend. Sarah Vaughan in concert from Berlin this weekend, recorded on November 9, 1969. Probably one of the most captivating singers in Jazz, Sarah Vaughan enjoyed a long and brilliant career from the 1940s all the way up to around the time of her passing.

She was a remarkable singer, with an astonishing range, effortlessly tackling the high notes with the same ease as she did the low ones. And one of the most individual voices in Jazz; one that is as fresh today as it was when she first graced the nightclub stage.

This weekend she is joined by her trio, consisting of Johnny Veith on piano, Gus Mancuso on bass and Eddy Pucci on drums.

It’s strongly suggested you crank this one up and relax.

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