Lithuanians making the case against Moscow's hardball.
Lithuanians making the case against Moscow’s hardball.

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And on April 2nd, 1990 Pittsburgh was busy closing intake valves, ahead of traces of the oil spill which sent some 200,000 gallons into the Allegheny River and racing towards its Water Treatment plant. The spill was threatening the water supply for 1 million people and precautions were already being taken, turning off water to businesses in an effort to reduce potential disaster.

Buffalo New York was in the midst of a transit strike and balked at a fare increase, proposed by the Erie County legislators. The system shut down the previous day over a financial collapse and over 130,000 commuters were stranded and looking for other ways of getting to work.

Lithuania was continuing to be a thorn in Mikhail Gorbachev‘s side, with thousands of protesters taking to the streets in answer to Gorbachev’s demands it reverse its stance on Independence. No such luck – and the huffing and puffing continued.

Manuel Noriega‘s lawyers were trying to win dismissal of the U.S. case against him on drug charges, in what they termed was “shocking behavior over its invasion of Panama“.

And on it went – this April 2nd in 1990 as presented by CBS Radio‘s Hourly News.

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