Peter Hammill – In Concert 1979 – Nights At The Roundtable: Concert Edition

Peter Hammill -  not a dispenser of warm and fuzzy.
Peter Hammill – not a dispenser of warm and fuzzy.

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Anyone with a passing interest in the Progressive Rock scene of the early 70s knows the name Van Der Graaf Generator, and more than likely knows the name Peter Hammill, one of the founding members of that milestone band.

Distinctive in his writing and singing style, which has been characterized as deeply personal and not often easy to digest in one sitting, Peter Hammill has had a profound influence on musicians over the years. His fans have run the gamut, from David Bowie to Johnny Rotten. He has been considered one of the primary and most underrated musicians of the last few decades.

While Van der Graaf Generator went through a series of break-up and reunions in the early 1970s, Hammill concentrated on his solo work, and when Van der Graaf finally dissolved in 1978, Hammill had officially launched his solo career. One that continues today.

Early on, he was joined by former members of Van der Graaf, eventually forming the K-Group, accompanying him in concerts and on sessions. Over the years the K-Group have increased their numbers and changed direction, but Peter Hammill has continued his highly individual and personal musical journey. In 2005 it was announced that Van der Graaf Generator had reformed. It didn’t spell an end to Hammill’s solo career. He is continuing in both capacities.

Tonight’s concert comes right after the release of pH7, and was recorded by the BBC on December 22, 1979. He’s supported by members of Van der Graaf, but primarily this is Peter Hammill accompanying himself on piano.

Not for everyone – this isn’t music you can dance to. It is music to absorb and mull over.

Music can do that too.

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