John Anderson -  A for Effort.
John Anderson – A for Effort.

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It was smack in the middle of Primary Season, this April 2nd in 1980.

With Carter landslides in the Wisconsin and Kansas primaries – challenger Gerry Brown decided enough was enough. And Ted Kennedy was presented with a tremendous uphill struggle if he was going to wrestle away the Democratic Party nomination for President.

On the Republican side;  Ronald Reagan was a runaway in Kansas while Wisconsin was more of a horserace, with George Bush finishing a close second. Sen. John B. Anderson was presented with a gloomy scenario, coming in third in Wisconsin, and looking at what were described as nil chances of pulling this one out of the hat, but he put on a brave face anyway and vowed to keep pressing on even though he wasn’t on the ballot in the upcoming primaries in Louisiana and  Pennsylvania.

Elsewhere in the world – word reached the White House that Iran was demanding yet another “statement of intent” from the U.S. as a pre-condition for positive movement in the Hostage crisis. White House officials expressed perplexity over what this latest shipment of sandbags was all about, and were wondering what Iranian President Bani-Sadr was holding out for. Earlier in the week, President Carter delayed imposition of new sanctions against Iran, after what he called “encouraging developments” in the episode.

In lieu of an austerity mood on Capitol Hill, the Senate Budget Committee voted 10-8 to boost the President’s proposed Pentagon spending program by $6 billion, at the expense of cuts in the Postal Service which would likely signal the end of Saturday mail delivery.

And that’s a taste of what went on 35 years ago, as presented by NBC Radio News on April 2nd 1980.


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