Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop - Press Conference - 11:00 am April 9.
Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop – Press Conference – 11:00 am April 9.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Bulletins on Invasion of Sweden and Norway – April 9, 1940 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

News for this day in 1940 was mostly bulletins, as the War in Europe entered a new phase – the German invasion of the Scandinavian countries. First to fall under invasion was Sweden, with Norway close behind, as German troops in transport planes were landing in Oslo Airport.

Reports were coming thick and fast on the heels of Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop’s press conference, held at 11:00 am that morning, to give the news that Germany had taken yet another dramatic step.

Very little else seemed to be reported, save for election results from the 1940 Presidential Primaries. But even then, it all seemed to take a distant backseat to the growing concern that America‘s involvement in the War was another step closer.

Here is a capsule of those reports given throughout the day via The Blue Network of NBC Radio on April 9, 1940.

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2 thoughts on “Occupying Oslo – April 9, 1940

  1. Oslo is the capital of Norway. I should know, I have family there. I also had family who fought the Germans in Norway, not Sweden.

    Please fix.

    1. It was both – they were invading both Norway and Sweden. I didn’t clarify that when I wrote the piece – there was also a naval engagement at Narvik as well.

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