Back when TMI meant Three Mile Island.
Back when TMI meant Three Mile Island.


. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – CBS World News Roundup – April 10, 1979 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

Another interesting news day, this April 10th in 1979.

Starting with an investigation of Nuclear Power Plants, based on the recent disaster at Three Mile Island nuclear facility. Seems the potential for problems was a little more widespread than first thought. With word that roughly 40 other nuclear power reactors may have had the same faulty gauges as those at Three Mile Island which gave faulty readings and contributed to the confusion after the accident. A Senate Nuclear Safety Subcommittee was opening hearings on reactor safety and the future of nuclear power. The hearings were expected to last between 6 and 12 months.

Meanwhile, Three Mile Island was officially declared safe with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission determined the crisis was over, while Pennsylvania Governor Thornburgh ended the limited evacuation and re-opened schools. A cautious sigh of relief spread over the Three Mile Island community.

President Carter was scheduled to give a news conference later in the day. On tap were no doubt questions regarding his stand on Nuclear energy and his anti-inflation program as well as the impact of a Teamsters Strike settlement. At the moment, there was no settlement of the Teamsters strike, as it entered its 10th day, but indirect talks began again.

In Iran, the daily occurrence of trials and executions of former Iranian officials took a different tact, as the latest trial of former members of the Shah’s government went from execution to a year in prison. The official in question, who was a low-level operative in the Savak, the Iranian Secret Police went from execution to life in prison to three years and finally one year.

Flare-ups in the civil war in Uganda with attempts at re-taking control of Kampala airport by troops loyal to Amin, and heavy shelling throughout the night. The war dragged on.

The previous night were The Academy Awards; with The Deer Hunter and Coming Home walking away with most of the Oscars. John Wayne walked away with the most applause for his presentation of Best Picture Oscar. And another Oscar ceremony walked away with tons of controversy.

That’s what was going on, or at least a small slice of it, as presented on The CBS World News Roundup for April 10, 1979.

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