Tame Impala - standouts.
Tame Impala – standouts.


. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Tame Impala – Live At Coachella – April 10, 2015

Saturday night at Coachella; week one/2nd day, and so far the festival has been leaning heavily on the Meh factor. Few standouts. But then, not every festival ranks a 100% in out-of-body experiences. And by the amount of hype that’s accompanied Coachella over the years, this year hasn’t been all that much different – it’s just the number of “oh shit!” acts don’t seem to be as many as in years before. Maybe we should be blaming festivals for not providing a constant source of new amazing acts to talk about. Maybe the hype has given us a dandy case of unrealistic expectations.

But so far, and only judging from the first day, the standout has to have been Tame Impala, who are making this their second trip to the Southern California Desert.

A band that have gotten a tremendous amount of excitement and buzz since they first appeared at the Festival last year. If anything, Tame Impala have gone steps better, the longer they’ve been at it. They have been working their collective asses off since they first appeared on the world stage – and they are absolute proof that a band who know who they are and where they are going is truly an enriching experience to see, just at how much they’ve grown in a comparatively short period of time.

And while a number of other acts performances are being repeated over at the Coachella site, Tame Impala hasn’t been one of them. And since I have been faithfully recording every note and downbeat (and with the help of a few essential colleagues stepping in where my streaming abilities to into meltdown), I was lucky enough to get this one and post it tonight as a reminder of what you might be catching next weekend, but also what you missed last night.

Tame Impala may be in danger of over-exposure. But they are giving as good they’re getting – everything they do has an aura of excitement about it, and I find myself looking forward to anything they put out. I hope for all of our sakes they become a household name. Music has been benefitting from them just being around and pushing envelopes.

And they are further evidence the music scene is far from dead – it still requires an open mind and a propensity to hit the browse button. But the benefits are amazing, and the journey goes on forever.

Crank it up and enjoy – and maybe you’ll head over to Indio next week to catch them on Week #2.

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