Adam Granduciel of War On Drugs - a splendid kind of intensity.
Adam Granduciel of War On Drugs – a splendid kind of intensity.


. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – War On Drugs – Live At Coachella 2015 – April 10, 2015

Continuing the look back at Week number 1 at Coachella – we seem to be staying on the first day, but there’s was a lot going on, and War on Drugs has been described by many who were there as one of the highlights of the Festival so far.

No stranger to this website, War on Drugs has been featured a few times over the years and they are rapidly becoming one of the enduring bands of this past decade, and it’s always a pleasure to hear what they’ve been up to.

As with the other bands I’ve featured from Week 1 so far, War On Drugs is a must-see band if you’re heading off to Coachella this coming week.

Although, on the whole, Coachella has been pretty lackluster this year, there have been standout performances. And as I’ve said before, not every festival every year can be an embarrassment of riches. But the ones who are good are sensational and the ones who fell short either need to do a rethink or keep working on it.

With the case of War on Drugs, they are one of the bright lights on the American music scene – and they upped the bar up a few notches.

Play loud – see them this weekend. Tell your friends – buy their stuff – support them.

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