Azealia Banks - Rap goes Indie and vice-versa.
Azealia Banks – Rap goes Indie and vice-versa.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Azealia Banks – Live At Coachella 2015 – April 10, 2015

Since Music Festivals got started (way back in the 1950s when it was Jazz), one of the things that has always been great about them is the wide range of music represented, or crammed, into the space of a short period of times. It can make for an embarrassment of riches, but it also makes for a thoroughly engrossing and horizon-expanding experience.

Coachella, following in the footsteps of long-running and pioneering festivals like Glastonbury, Primavera Sound and Pinkpop, pride themselves on the opportunity to mix it up – take music out of its comfort or familiarity zone and blaze new trails – and make new fans in the process.

Azealia Banks is no stranger to Coachella, nor to Festivals for that matter. As one of those stars-on-the-rise, since BBC 6 Music proclaimed her an Artist to Watch in 2011, Banks has been showing audiences that Rap is versatile, that it is capable of going in a lot of different directions and has a head on its shoulders. As a Female Rapper, she’s been challenging and exploding stereotypes and has emerged as a positive role model for a lot of women, and is giving it back by bringing new talent along with her.

As a live performer, she gives 110% – and this 40 minute set has been lauded as a highlight of the Festival and showcases an artist who is going to be with us for a very long time. She’s one of those performers you want to keep an eye on just to see where they go next. I suspect she has a lot of surprises in store.

Several readers asked about this concert and were hoping I’d run it, and I always do what I can to fill requests. So if you missed her set last week, and can’t make it out to Coachella for her set this weekend (tonight, actually), here’s a sample to give you an idea of what else has been going on lately.

Play loud and revel in the diversity.

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