Syd Arthur - Striking a blow for New Psych.
Syd Arthur – Striking a blow for New Psych.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio PlayerSyd Arthur – In Concert at Bayou Arts Center, Houston – August 5, 2014 – Syd Arthur Soundboard

Following in the legendary footsteps of the Canterbury scene of the 1960s; the scene which gave us Soft Machine, Caravan, The Wilde Flowers and many others, including offshoots, the scene is resurrected by way of Syd Arthur, who bill themselves as a Free-form/Jazz-Psych band.

They’ve been getting a lot of positive notice, practically since they got started in 2003. But in recent years, with the upsurge of like-bands springing on the scene, they’ve become something of elder statesmen in the realm of New-Psych.

But it should be clear that this new hybrid of Psychedelia isn’t a throwback to the 60s. It’s in the free-spirit of the form, but with new blood and new points of view. They are taking the form and expanding on it, and the results are exciting and fresh.

They were a surprise hit at last years SXSW and have been gigging around quite a bit. They are hitting the festival circuit this year, starting with an appearance at the Wychwood Festival in Cheltenham on May 29th and finishing up (so far) in Germany at the Pure & Crafted Festival in August. They are busily promoting Sound Mirror, their sophomore album which came out last year. Mojo Magazine has proclaimed them “Canterbury’s dazzling new sons”, and they are picking up a good word out mouth on this side of the Atlantic.

This concert comes by way of Syd Arthur themselves and it features the band as opener for Yes at the Bayou Arts Center in Houston and recorded on August 5th 2014.

With the dizzying amount of new music coming out, it’s possible you may have missed Syd Arthur – don’t. Have a listen to this concert and fall by their site and make plans to see them when they head to your area.

A breath of Jasmine-scented air and a welcome addition to your ever-expanding mind.

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