The Police came along and suddenly Punk became very acceptable.
The Police came along and suddenly Punk became very acceptable.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – The Police – Live At CW Post College, Greenvale N.Y. – October 20, 1979 – WLIR-FM

Tonight’s concert comes by way of a request from a reader for some pre-Synchronicity Police. As luck would have it, this concert, recorded at CW Post College in Greenvale New York and broadcast by WLIR-FM on October 20, 1979, just popped off the shelf.

And I could see my friend’s specifying pre-Synchonicity Police. By 1983 the band were very much in the groove of cranking out hits and being the kings of all things media. In 1979 they were still just getting their faces in front of crowds and were still reasonably raw, but with boundless energy.

And so this concert tonight fills the bill quite adequately. The only thing; since it’s a live broadcast and because The Police were such a high-voltage band, it takes about a song or two before the sound calms down – at first it’s a little muddy and borders on distortion. But it cleans up and captures what made The Police such a popular band early on – and why some of the audience turned away as their fortunes changed. Still a good band, but the edge and the urgency drifted away after a fashion with all those instantly recognizable hits under their collective belts.

So if you forgot what early Police were all about, or have just been getting into them (36 years after the event), here’s a taste of what the fuss was all about in 1979.

Play loud – but wait till after the second song.

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