The Sweet - a band that came to epitomize Glam in the 70s.
The Sweet – a band which came to epitomize Glam in the 70s.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – The Sweet – Live At Masonic Auditorium, Detroit – Feb. 27, 1976 – Band soundboard.

Of the bands which evolved during the Glam-Rock period of the early 1970s, none probably epitomized it more than The Sweet.

Initially began as something of a deceptive Bubble-gum styled Pop group in the late 1960s, with such strange hits as Co-Co, Little Willy and Wig-Wam Bam, all via the writing team of Chinn and Chapman (who also gave us Suzi Quatro), The Sweet had a metamorphosis late in 1972 and reinvented themselves into a Hard Rock band, with some references to The Who. Their first single, Hellraiser, was a preview of coming attractions and they quickly established themselves as one of the premier bands of the pre-Metal/Glam era.

This concert, from their first U.S. tour, billed as the Give Us A Wink Tour (to promote their then-new release for Capitol), they played to a sold-out crowd at Detroit’s Masonic Auditorium on February 27, 1976.

A strange soundboard mix, with vocals all over the place and instruments popping in and out – it still is crystal clear and a good example of a band who laid the groundwork for a whole generation of bands to tease their hair, slap on makeup, and slip into Spandex.

More history you can dance to.

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