Crowded House - Continuing the legacy of great bands from Down Under.
Crowded House – Continuing the legacy of great bands from Down Under.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Crowded House – Live at CBGB’s – Nov. 22, 1986 – Band soundboard
Mid-80s favorites Crowded House this weekend. Continuing the legacy of great bands coming from Australia (and New Zealand), Crowded House were an immediate hit with audiences and critics alike, when they surfaced in 1985. And the following year they went on to achieve worldwide hit status.

Crowded House was founded by Neil Finn, originally from Split Enz, along with his brother Tim. Neil split off and formed Crowded House in 1985. Tim followed a few years later, during one of the bands many split-ups and reorganizations.

Crowded House, not quite as wildly eclectic as Split Enz was, nor as theatrical. Nonetheless, Neil Finn brought a style and tone of songwriting that made an association with the former band logical as well as immediately accessible.

This concert comes, I believe, during the time of their first U.S. tour – a hastily booked gig at CBGB’s, which would seem an illogical venue to play, but which was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.

If you don’t remember this initial phase of Crowded House, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. They have always been enjoyable, but there is something about a band during their formative period that is particularly exciting. And Crowded House do not disappoint.

Play loud. You owe it to yourself.

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