"It's the weekend, and we're gonna HOWL!" (photo: Joseph Szabo)
“It’s the weekend, and we’re gonna HOWL!” (photo: Joseph Szabo)

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – KROQ – The Frazer Smith Show – Dec. 1, 1978 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection.

In the 70s, you were still glued to your radio. In the late 70s you were glued to KROQ, if you lived in Los Angeles. KROQ was that come-from-behind success story of a radio that had nowhere to go but up. After going for years as a more-or-less mainstream FM-Rock station, they couldn’t compete with the heavy-hitters in L.A.; KMET and KLOS. So as a last ditch effort, they tossed out the format and everybody started playing what they wanted.

And KROQ became huge. Of course, when you become huge, it also means you get to be bought out by someone larger than you. And eventually, the thing that made KROQ so popular, morphed into a formula, and the edge was mostly gone.

As a reminder of the free-wheeling/up-for-grabs days at KROQ, here is a one hour sampling from December 1, 1978, of a shift from Frazer Smith, who held court most Friday nights serving up liberal doses of insanity and double-entendres.

All with a background of high-octane rock.

Welcome to the 70s.

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2 thoughts on “The Fraze Craze – Rock Of The 70s- KROQ – Past Daily Pop Chronicles

  1. I always enjoyed The Fraze on The Roqs (KROQ/AM&FM). He would come off with some hellaciously funny stuff. He had a guest on once, Harry Shearer, and it was quite a hillarious night. The Roqs were creative & compelling and ALWAYS entertaining… Look at their line up: Shadoe Stevens, Jimmy rabbitt, Rodney Bingenheimer, Steven Clean (for a short while), The Insane Darrell Wayne, Ian Whitcomb, Bob Sala, Bob Gowa, Flo & Eddie, Mike Raphone, Brent Kahlen, The Emigma, News with Patrick Carlin, and on & on, they were the most free form, creative, wild station ever. Thanx for this post!

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