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The inimitable Art Farmer this weekend.
The inimitable Art Farmer this weekend.

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The legendary Art Farmer this weekend, along with his All-Stars, featuring Johnny Griffin and tenor sax, Tommy Flanagan on piano, Peter Washington on bass, Lewis Nash on drums and vocals by Vanessa Rubin. The whole thing was recorded at the large Festivalhaus in Salzburg on November 7th 1998.

With a long and much heralded career, Art Farmer collaborated with a virtual who’s-who of the Jazz World, and remained active all the way until his passing in 1999. A pivotal figure in Jazz, whose career took off in 1952, Farmer gained a reputation as a lyrical trumpeter and flugelhorn Player, a reputation that stayed with him throughout his career.

Farmer moved to Europe, settling permanently in 1968 – this concert in Salzburg was one of many he played during his frequent tours. The concert runs just under 90 minutes – and, if you want to know what the numbers are – look no further than just below:

01. I MEAN YOU – 10:19
02. IF I SHOULD LOSE YOU – 11:35
03. STARDUST – 8:12
05. CARAVAN (p,b,dr only) – 9:33
06. BEYOND THE BLUEBIRD (p,b,dr only) – 6:28
07. THE CUP BEARERS (p,b,dr only) – 9:29
08. ALL BLUES * – 9:49
09. BLUE ‘N’ BOOGIE – 7:12
10. BLUE MONK – 5:29

Art Farmer at his usual best. Great listening for a Sunday.

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