Jackson Browne -  Came to epitomize what Laid-Back West Coast was all about in the 70s.
Jackson Browne – Came to epitomize what Laid-Back West Coast was all about in the 70s.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Jackson Browne – Live at The Paris Theatre, London – 1972 – BBC Radio 1

As a companion piece to last night’s Linda Rondstadt concert from 1974, I thought I would run this 1972 London concert featuring label-mate Jackson Browne. Both artists came to epitomize the Laid-back West Coast sound of the early 70s, and they were hugely popular and highly influential in shaping much of that simple, yet passionate sound which evoked so many word-images of the Southwest (particularly Southern California) during that time.

It was a mashup of influences and styles – Country, Folk and straight-ahead Rock n’ Roll. But it had an across-the-board appeal with audiences who loved the sound and liked the unpretentious presentation. It was no frills and it was all about the music.

This Jackson Browne concert is particularly good because it’s just him; no backup band. Just Jackson Browne alternating on acoustic guitar and piano – and since it’s relatively early in his solo career (his debut album had just been released), it’s infused with an energy that only comes with playing to an audience with fresh ears.

A memorable concert, as always recorded for posterity by the BBC for its In Concert Series on Radio 1. An enjoyable half-hour and a reminder of a special time in Rock history.

Listen without distractions.

If it appeals, there may be more early 70s West Coast this week. It’s up to you.

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