Poco - Arguably, the band that probably kicked it all off.
Poco – Arguably, the band that probably kicked it all off.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Poco – Live at The Amsterdam Concertgebouw – Feb. 13, 1972 – VPRO, Netherlands

Poco, in a 1972 concert recorded by the Dutch radio network VPRO. Arguably, the band probably most responsible for the popularity of the West-Coast/Country-Rock/Folk/Hard Rock hybrid that became so popular by the early 1970s.

Poco was, essentially the remnants of the then-recently disbanded Buffalo Springfield. Coming together in 1968, the band consisted of Ritchie Furay, Rusty Young, Jim Messina, Randy Meisner and George Grantham. Along the way, personnel changes took place – Meisner left to eventually form The Eagles. Messina eventually went to form a duo with Kenny Loggins and Ritchie Furay briefly left to form the short-lived Souther, Hillman and Furay band.

This 1972 concert comes ahead of their fifth release A Good Feelin’ To Know and features material mostly from their most recent album From The Inside.

Although members went on to other things, Poco still remains one of the seminal bands of the West-Coast Country-Rock genre and their influence on other bands and musicians at the time can’t be underestimated.

Although this concert recording is a bit rough, with not the best of mixes – and the occasional fuzziness coming from an FM-radio aircheck makes it not as clear as one would like, it still gives a good idea of what Poco were like in a concert setting. They personified the laid-back, unpretentious approach to Rock at the time. Their solos were leisurely and their songs reflected a less hectic life. They are often fondly remembered by fans as the epitome of slower, less insane times. Considering how the 70s were staring out – they were just what the doctor ordered.

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