Buddy DeFranco Quartet Featuring Sonny Clark – Live In Germany – 1954 – Past Daily Downbeat

Buddy  De Franco - Went from Big Band to Bop and never looked back.
Buddy De Franco – Went from Big Band to Bop and never looked back.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Buddy De Franco Quartet w/Sonny Clark – live in Cologne, Germany – Jan. 22, 1954

Cool collaborations this week, with Buddy De Franco’s Quartet featuring the legendary Sonny Clark on Piano. The concert was recorded in Cologne, Germany on January 22, 1954.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Buddy De Franco, who was solidly part of the Big Band era, saw the writing on the wall with the change in direction Jazz was taking. And instead of refusing to go with the changes, De Franco embraced them and became one of a handful of Clarinetists who rose to fame as an active practitioner of Bop.

He is joined on this concert with Eugene Wright on Bass and Bobby White on drums – and together with Clark, turn a few standards into Bop excursions, making this concert a memorable event.

Buddy De Franco was active all the way up to his passing last year. Sonny Clark left us in 1963. Together they blazed new trails in the rapidly evolving world of Jazz in the 1950s and beyond.

Masters of the trade, without a doubt.


 . . .and the world dialed S for Sonny
. . .and the world dialed S for Sonny
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