Lonelady - Music with spellbinding urgency.

Lonelady - Music with spellbinding urgency.
Lonelady – Music with spellbinding urgency.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Lonelady – In Session For London Calling 2015 – May 17, 2015 – VPRO-3VOOR12

This showed up literally a few hours ago. The amazing Netherlands┬áNetwork VPRO, via their station 3VOOR12 have an incredible website – it is jammed with concerts and sessions and archival material and it requires a visit everyday, or spending hours digging through some of the best music currently making the rounds.

Their festival coverage is without equal and their sessions do the artists proud. The first batch of sessions yielded an astonishing crop of artists, many of whom are just making waves to audiences.

One such session comes from the recently (last weekend) concluded London Calling Festival, featuring Lonelady, an artist worth seeking out, grabbing her albums and catching if/when she shows up locally. Lonelady, otherwise known as Julie Ann Campbell, has been around since 2007. Her debut album came out in 2010 and her latest album, Hinterland, just came out.

She is astonishing. She had me in the first 20 seconds and I was glued to my speakers for the rest of her session, and I found myself playing and replaying her session in the course of the afternoon.

With music conveying an urgency and a voice that commands attention, Lonelady is a great new find. And Julie Ann Campbell is an artist to watch very closely in the coming months. Doing a quick Google Search on her, I find I am not the only one who’s been riveted to her music. Further evidence my ears aren’t that bad.

As I said, catch her if you can – pick up her new album; dive into her music.

In the meantime, have a listen to this session which she did only a few days ago.

I have a feeling Festival Season this year is going to be something to talk about for a while.

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