Atomic Rooster - original lineup - 1969-1970. If some of the faces look familiar, they are.
Atomic Rooster – original lineup – 1969-1970. If some of the faces look familiar, they are.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Atomic Rooster – In Session for Alan Freeman’s Saturday Rock Show – 1970 – BBC Radio 1

Atomic Rooster were a very interesting band, although they didn’t get the immediate response from the audience and critics they should have, and they didn’t receive any of the recognition they deserved in the U.S.

However, that’s not to say the members of the band wallowed in obscurity. Atomic Rooster was made up, initially of three members; Vincent Crane, Carl Palmer and Nick Graham. Crane and Palmer had left The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown and recruited Nick Graham in 1969 to form Atomic Rooster.

They were signed at first to B&C Records in the UK, which was a subsidiary of The Famous Charisma Label – the record company which boasted prog legends Genesis, Van Der Graaf Generator and the final stages of The Nice. Atomic Rooster were considered Prog Rock at the time, but they leaned a little heavier in the direction of Hard Rock, and certainly went in that direction in subsequent lineups.

This session, originally done at The BBC for Alan Freeman’s Saturday Rock Show is from 1970 and 1971. Unfortunately, I don’t have exact dates of these sessions, because it would provide valuable information as to the band lineup at the time. Carl Palmer, who was a founding member, left the band towards the end of 1970 to form Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Nick Graham would leave shortly after, leaving Vincent Crane the only original member of the band.

Since the first track on this session is Save Me, which was the debut single for the band, issued in 1970 – it is possible the first three songs feature Palmer on drums. I am hoping someone with research tools and exact dates at their fingertips can either confirm or deny it’s Palmer. I will leave that one open for you.

In any event, Atomic Rooster were a good and adventuresome band, part of that handful of bands breaking into new territory. They really do deserve a place in the big reference book of Rock Music of the 70s.

Have a listen if you aren’t familiar – visit some familiar ground if you are.

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