Oscar Peterson - Maharaja Of The Keyboard.
Oscar PetersonMaharaja Of The Keyboard.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Oscar Peterson Trio – live in Munich – May 12, 1965 – Bayerischer Rundfunk

The legendary Oscar Peterson this week, from a concert performed in Munich on May 12, 1965 and faithfully recorded and preserved by Bavarian Radio.

Peterson, who was famously referred to by none other than Duke Ellington as The Maharaja Of The Keyboard, had a career spanning some 60 years, with over 200 albums to his credit and countless collaborations. He was a household name in the Jazz world and he has received every honor and accolade a musician could receive.

No doubt you have his records in your collection. Peterson’s appeal crossed all sort of musical boundaries and he was universally admired.

But in the odd event you aren’t familiar with Oscar Peterson, here is a sample of what made him the legend he is. Just under an hour and recently rebroadcast by Bavarian Radio, here is that Munich concert from 1965.

Get comfy and dig the sounds. It’s Sunday after all.

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