The Luxembourg hostage drama -  dragged on for days, over in seconds.
The Luxembourg hostage drama – dragged on for days, over in seconds.

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News for this June 1st in 2000 was about drama. Beginning with news of the hostage situation at a Luxembourg Pre-school, where a gunman held some 25 children before being lured into a trap set by police pretending to be a TV news crew. Shot in the head twice, the gunman survived and the hostage drama was over.

Another drama – this one closer to home – The Justice Department ruled in favor of Juan Gonzalez, father of Elian Gonzalez, saying the boy belonged with his father, and that the case was over. Relatives in Miami weren’t happy.

Entertainer and Show Business legend Bob Hope was hospitalized for an undisclosed intestinal emergency earlier this morning. The 97 year old Hope had just returned from Washington D.C. where he was being celebrated by the Library Of Congress for his birthday.

Actor Patrick Swayze walked away uninjured from a small plane he was flying crash-landed near Prescott Arizona.

A home-schooled Missouri boy won the National Spelling Bee on this day. Correctly spelling the word demarche, 12-year old George Thampy won the Spelling-Bee after two grueling days of obscure words and tongue-twisters.

And that’s a small sample of what went on, this June 1st in 2000, as presented by The CBS World News Roundup.

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