The Fabulous Poodles - anticipated New Wave.
The Fabulous Poodles – anticipated New Wave. (photo: Andy Zuckerman)

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – BBC In Concert – The Fabulous Poodles – May 26, 1979 – BBC Radio 1

Heading over to the dawn of New Wave tonight with a concert by The Fabulous Poodles, recorded for the venerable BBC In Concert series on May 26, 1979.

Hard to pin down just where The Fabulous Poodles fit in the lexicon of late 70s Rock. They did anticipate New Wave by a few years, and weren’t really considered Punk, by any stretch. Though they did fit into a sound not all that far removed from Deaf School, another band from roughly the same time and utilizing roughly the same instrumental lineup and roughly the same sensibilities. Deaf School called it a day in the late 70s, with members branching off into other bands and other careers.

So you could say The Fabulous Poodles carried the pre-New Wave banner at least into 1980, when the band called it quits after five years.

With 4 albums to their credit and a compilation put together in 1995, The Fabulous Poodles are one of those bands “in-between”; anticipating New Wave, but leaving the scene before it took center stage.

As a reminder – or an introduction if you missed them the first time around, here is a concert they did for the BBC Radio 1 In Concert series – a set they shared with, of all people, Motorhead. Back in the days when musical taste was something akin to a roller coaster ride. Here they are, in a set recorded at The Paris Theatre on May 26, 1979.

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