A lot of people don't know who this is. Luckily, a lot of people do.
A lot of people don’t know who this is. Luckily, a lot of people do.

Here we are, first full day of our Fundraiser and it’s not looking good. Only one person has contributed so far – one person, out of the thousands who visit us every day to get rarities, history, new music and Pop Culture. One person who believes it’s important to preserve and offer history and rare interviews to people for free. One person who appreciates that it takes many hours a day to make all this possible. One person who understands what it costs to maintain a website like this, that equipment breaks down and costs money to fix – rare recordings need to be stored and cared for, and that costs money to do. One person – out of thousands of you who visit, listen, download for free and share with your friends.
I’m a little surprised – I’m a little shocked, and it makes me wonder if all of this effort is really worth it.
Maybe I’m wrong – but I believe that knowing your history, the story of who we are on this planet, is important. Hearing those moments and events that shaped us, made us who we are – those moments and events we often forget about, or get crowded out by the noise of distraction, are essential to who we are as a people. Maybe listening to a Roosevelt speech or a JFK Press Conference or an Eisenhower address aren’t all that important to you – don’t seem relevant to what’s going on in your world today. You would be right, in that they happened long ago during a different time. But you would be wrong in thinking they’ve had no impact on your life and world as it is now. Those events, taking place years and decades earlier, have had a far reaching impact on what’s going on in your world today. And to be reminded of that makes the future not so scary, not so uncertain, not so strange.
And it’s the same with our culture – listening to an interview with Duke Ellington or John Lennon may not seem all that relevant to what’s going on today, but listening to the voices of some of the most creative and passionate people in recorded history brings their story, their struggles, their process, closer to you – makes it come alive.
And that’s the goal of Past Daily – to keep it all alive, keep it all vital. But I can’t do it alone. And that’s why I need your help and that’s why I’m asking for your support. It’s Tax Deductible and the benefits are vast.
Please consider showing your support – please give what you can. The history you save may be your own.
Till next time,
Gordon Skene
Past Daily/Gordon Skene Sound Collection

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