Past Daily Spring Fundraiser – Update Number 2

Been grabbing all this history and not chipping in to help out?
Been grabbing all this history and not chipping in to help out?

Day Number 2 of our Fundraiser and it’s starting to look up. Still off by a long ways, but the outpouring of support and encouragement have been energizing. If we can just keep up the momentum, we can reach our goal. And like I said yesterday, the sooner we reach our goal, the better. We have 30 days to raise $15,000 – but if we suddenly get a flood of donations and reach that goal beforehand, we’ll stop and go back to normal. It’s all up to you.
One of the big problems with social media is access. Because Past Daily offers everything for free, it’s easy to take advantage of that, and not think twice about supporting it. It’s the old line: “why should I buy the cow when I can get the milk for free?” Most people figure someone else will do it, or the ads will pay for everything, or the people running the site have deep pockets.
Truths to tell – the ads don’t pay for anything and the pockets have holes. They always say, the more traffic you drive to your site, the bigger your ad revenue is. That may be true for some – it hasn’t been true for us. Since the beginning of the year, some 3/4 of a million people have visited Past Daily – and that has translated to roughly $100 – a hundred dollars, though appreciated, hardly helps run a site that spends on average of 14 hours a day writing, researching and posting.
It’s exhausting work, but work that pays handsome dividends in appreciation from readers and visitors. Your kind words over the years have been the fuel to keep this thing going, even when I’m convinced no one is reading or listening or caring.
And so now I’m asking for your support, to show your appreciation for all the effort and hours put in to make this site the best it can be by contributing what you can to help keep us running. Your Tax Deductible donation will make all the difference in the world. Whatever amount you feel comfortable with is more than appreciated. Make the decision today and help us reach our goal. We need all of you.
I can’t begin to express the gratitude and appreciation to those 8 who have made contributions so far. You’re making all the difference.
Until next time,
Gordon Skene
Past Daily/Gordon Skene Sound Collection

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