Yes - you could say we're diving for apples.
Yes – you could say we’re diving for apples.

Day 4 and we’re gearing up for the weekend. We have a couple special things planned, just to entice you and let you know we aren’t fooling around. We still need those nickels, dimes and dollars rolling in so we can pay our bills and keep the site up and functioning. So don’t stop – we’re 2% funded, and we’ve still got a long ways to go, but I know a lot of you wait for the weekend to do your web-surfing.

So this weekend I am digging out something special – a never-before-heard/ never-aired interview with the legendary Billie Holliday, recorded in 1956.

As for Music – we’ve got lots of goodies planned, along with several surprises. It should be an interesting weekend. I know I’ll be exhausted and you’ll be having a great time, hitting the download/save-as dropdowns.

All of this by way of letting you know Past Daily is all about sharing rare and interesting and pertinent stuff; stuff you aren’t going to hear anywhere else – stuff you never thought existed.

That’s what we’re all about – sharing the interesting and useful parts of our culture – not the distractions and the click-bait. We’re here because a lot of you like us being here.

And that’s why I’m asking for your help during our Spring Fundraiser. We need to raise $15,000 by the time Indiegogo pulls the plug and the Fundraiser stops. We’ve had promises of a matching grant if we can get the $15k together, and that has our fingers along with every other crossable appendage crossed. We’re hoping you will come through with your Tax Deductible contributions. I have a sneaking suspicion you won’t let us down.

Click on Teddy Roosevelt and give what you can – a little means a lot, and the history we save may be your own.

Till next time,

Gordon Skene
Past Daily/Gordon Skene Sound Collection

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